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Tours and Amsterdam Attractions

Amsterdam is a popular travel destination in Europe, a charming and cosmopolitan city that welcomes exploration. Amsterdam is known as the “Venice of the North” because of its more than one hundred canals. The capital of the Netherlands offers easily accessible adventures by foot, bike, and boat. Amsterdam’s well-preserved, appealing 17th-century architectural style provides a simple backdrop for a city that is equally famous for its modern culture. Discover Amsterdam’s canals, unique history, restaurants, and broad range of attractions and experiences.

Things to do in Amsterdam

Generally, there are hundreds of things to do in Amsterdam for those travelling alone or with family. The city offers you a chance to engage in many activities that enhance your experience and ensure your trip is memorable. Whether you are looking to spend a little or more than usual, you will find a number of activities that seem like they were designed with you in mind. Below are some things that you must do when visiting Amsterdam.


Anne Frank HouseThe Anne Frank House is a piece of World War II history on Prinsengracht 263 in the center of Amsterdam. Anne’s family, together with other families, spent two years in hiding in the annex, where Anne wrote her famous diary and described the events of her daily life in hiding. Plan your visit in the morning as the waiting time is lengthy. It is advisable to book online to avoid long lines. Find out more about visiting the Anne Frank House. Read More.


Explore famous Zaanse Schans.  Zaanse Schans and its windmills are unique to Dutch history and culture. The residential area of Zaanse Schans brings the 18th and 19th century to life. Walk through the bakery museums and enjoy freshly made cookies, or enjoy the cheese factory and the historic windmills. A day trip to the Zaanse Schans is fun and educational. Read More


Enjoy picnic in Vondelpark.  Vondelpark is the largest park in Amsterdam and the most visited park in the Netherlands. With Amsterdam tourism estimated at over 10 million visitors each year, it is one of Amsterdam’s most visited attractions. During the spring and summer, when the weather is mild, you’ll find many people relaxing and enjoying the sun while having a picnic. Read More


→ Red-light-district. This is a popular location that many people have heard about but never had an opportunity to tour. The city turns red during the night with eye-catching lights flooding the streets of the district. This mainly comes from the many sex stories in the area including sex shops, peep shows, brothels, and even condom shops. Read More


Marken and Volendam.  If you are looking the best things to do in Amsterdam, then you are invited to visit the Marken and Volendam, enter some of the working mills and experience wonderful events. Volendam, the vibrant fishing village up north, is a very lovely and busy harbor. You can almost feel the change in the atmosphere as you encounter traditional fishers in the middle of Volendam. Read More


Rijksmuseum. The Rijksmuseum is one of Amsterdam’s oldest and popular museums. It hosts artistic artifacts and a wide variety of paintings. There are also wonderful images and books to help you reflect on the historical events in the area, which date back to about 800 years. Some of the cool paintings Read More


→ Gallery Museum. Gallery museum is located in Kalverstraat. It’s termed as Amsterdam’s greatest secrets for the frugal traveler. This is because it contains an amazing gallery to view. It displays fifteen large and awe-inspiring paintings, which depict civic guards. The best thing about Gallery museum is that it can be visited at any time of the year. Read More


Tours and Guided Tours

Explore the top sightseeing attractions in and around Amsterdam. Discover Marken and Volendam on a half-day or full-day windmill tour departing from Amsterdam. During the summer you can choose between a 20-minute ferry cruise from Marken to Volendam or the 7-hour fullday option. Explore Brugge from Amsterdam by bus as you listen to a guided tour about the city’s sights. Take a full day tour to Brugge from Amsterdam to admire the Dutch and Belgian countryside and experience Belgian chocolates.

Many young people visit Amsterdam to see the coffee shops and maybe to have a look at the Red Light District and the major shopping street, Hooftstraat. This area is where you will find cutting-edge designs that are a source of pride among the Dutch. Amsterdam has a long history with cannabis, which has come to be seen as a permanent resident of the city. Guests that visit the coffee shops can sit inside enjoying their vibrant murals and graffiti. There are about 250 coffee shops in the Red Light District, and it is a part of the culture of Amsterdam.


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