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Important Information

 Information for your visit

The seat of government in the Netherlands is The Hague, but Amsterdam is the capital and the country’s largest city, with a population of more than 800,000 people. More than 3.5 million tourists visit Amsterdam each year. Some of the information you will need for your visit include :


Ensure that traveling documents for the trip are valid.

→ If you are planning to drive carry your driving license and confirm that it has not expired.

→ Streets in the city are arranged in a grid pattern.

→ The subway can get you to any part of the city within the shortest time.

→ You can rent a bike from the numerous kiosks to help you move from one place to another while sightseeing.


Best time to visit

Amsterdam’s weather varies a lot and every season has its rainy period. It is best to visit Amsterdam in the Spring (May and June) or Summer (July, August, and September). The average temperatures are mild in Spring and can be warm in Summer.


For More information and Attractions on What To Do in Amsterdam

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Must Do

Ferry Cruise

20-minute ferry cruise from Marken to Volendam

$ 45.00